21 September 2017

Planner Con Europe - Sponsors Feature - Gillio Firenze

With PlannerCon Europe only five weeks away I thought I would expand on some of the companies that will be there or who are sponsoring the event that will be of interest to organiser users.

Tickets are still available see the PlannerCon Europe website for details.

Today's post we look at Gillio Firenze who are a 'Diamond Sponsor' for Planner Con Europe 2017.

As a way of introduction, Gillio was 'introduced' to us by Mella who discovered their products in a store in Antwerp when she was looking for a Filofax Deco. She blames me for this, but she then became a big fan of Gillio organisers and now works for them!!

Company History
Gillio Firenze is a small family business that sells high-end, top quality, handmade leather goods made out of the finest Italian leathers. The company started with a small stationery shop in Brussels in 1952 and they have since expanded their brand and collections significantly. Their products are sold worldwide (to almost 50 countries) through their on-line store.

Company Details. 

Company: Gillio Firenze


Gillio - IIC bvba
Rollebaan 47a
1640 Sint-Genesius-Rode
+32 (0)2 380 63 19

Email: info@gillio.be
Website: http://www.gillio.be

Facebook page: Gillio Firenze
Facebook groupGillio Firenze

Product details. 

The Gillio Firenze products stand out in quality, craftsmanship and overall look and feel. Once you have owned a Gillio product and have experienced their leather quality, it’s hard to ever go back to cheaper commercial leathers. Their well-known epoca leathers are still coloured according to the ancient Italian traditions. Not a quick colour dye, but traditional vegetable tanning. This transformation from raw hides into beautifully dyed leather is a slow and astonishing process in wooden drums, based on the use of natural tannins, on modern technologies and machineries but mainly, on the slow passage of time.

This process is the most environmental-friendly, and it allows them to keep the uniqueness and versatility in the product. The natural variations (creases, imperfections, scars, variations in the colour or the grain) in the leathers are inherent to the Gillio products: you will never find two identical products in the Gillio collection: instead of offering perfectly (artificially) smoothened, thirteen-in-a-dozen products, Gillio firmly believes in creating unique pieces of craftsmanship that will grow even more beautiful with age - true heirlooms!

High quality vegetable tanning is disappearing in Europe, with an exception of Italy, where all of their leathers are produced. Gillio leathers are labeled with the 'Certificato de Garanzia - pelle conciata al vegetale in Toscana' label: guaranteed vegetable tanned Tuscan leathers. Gillio earned this label after meeting the most stringent requirements for authenticity of leather processing, imposed by the strict specifications of the Consortium, an independent organization that carries out regular (unannounced) spot checks on quality and production.

For more details about the leathers that Gillio uses in their products please visit this page on their own Website.

The rings on Gillio Planners are removable just follow the instructions in my video.

Gillio offer a life time warranty on all of their products even if you didn't buy it direct from them. This gives you peace of mind when buying any Gillio product. Full details can be found on the Gillio website here. 

What is the difference between the Gillio and the Gigliodoro products?

Gigliodoro is the former name of Gillio Firenze. They have re-branded in 2008, so any products labeled 'Gigliodoro' are mostly from before then.

Organiser Models and Sizes:

Gillio make three models of organiser, the Amica, the Compagna and the Mia Cara

A4 - This is available only in the Amica model, and it uses a universal 4 ring mechanism the same as Filofax A4.

A5 - This size is available in all three models. They are all fitted with 25 mm rings which are the standard ring spacing the same as Filofax A5

Medium - This size is available in all three models. They are all fitted with 25 mm rings which are the standard ring spacing the same as Filofax Personal size

Medium - Slim This size is available in only the Compagna model.  They are all fitted with 14mm rings which are the standard ring spacing, the same as Filofax Personal/Slimline

A6 - This size is available in only the Compagna model.  They are all fitted with 23 mm rings which are the standard ring spacing the same as Mulberry Agenda and Van der Spek Senior size.

Pocket - This size is available in all three models. They are all fitted with 16 mm rings which are the standard ring spacing the same as Filofax Pocket size.

Mini - This size is available in just the Amica and Compagna models. They are all fitted with 12 mm rings and the ring spacing is the same as Filofax Mini.

Other products:
In addition to ring bound organisers Gillio also have their Giramondo Travellers Notebook covers and they also recently added the Appunto A5 and A6 bound planner covers too.

There is also a huge range of other leather goods such as bags and wallets, desk sets, pen cases etc etc. See the website for full details.

Purchasing Gillio Products on-line Gillio has a very comprehensive website, which I think will answer most of your questions about purchasing from them, instead of repeating their Q&A's please follow this link to their website.

Gillio Blog - The website has a news section which regularly features stock up dates and offers.

Previous Gillio posts and reviews on Philofaxy can be found here. 

20 September 2017

Web Finds Issues

I've lost track of when I started doing web finds, it must be well over five years now.

The posts these days are Tuesdays and Saturdays. They have changed in format over the years compared to what we have now. 

Sadly you can't have failed to notice that the size and content of the posts is not like it used to be during the peak years, when there was so many posts I had to split them between Tuesday and Saturday. 

There are on-going issues with producing both posts that I would like to make you aware of. 

The video post on Tuesday has a couple of issues, starting with the reduced number of videos that are appearing in my searches each week. I search on the various brand names as the most obvious way of finding suitable videos. 

I have a new minor issue about obtaining the title and the link to the videos on You Tube since they redesigned their site. Using my established method I now end up with four spaces before and after the title of the video that need to be edited out each time! I have a temporary work around for this though. 

There is also an increasing number of channels being pirated on You Tube. The pirates steal the content and upload it and add adverts to them to make money off other peoples content. Sometimes it is easy to spot these pirate channels and were possible I find the real owners of the content and advise them to report it to You Tube. 

Occasionally these videos have been included in Web Finds and if someone contacts me to point out that they know a video is pirated then I do remove it from listing. 

It would be helpful if You Tube creators included their channel name in the title of the video, then the pirated ones would stand out better.

To avoid this in future it would be very helpful to me if I had a list of known video channels that regularly make content available that you find interesting to watch that will appeal to other Philofaxy readers.

Question 1, which channels are you subscribed to for good content featuring organisers? 

The Saturday post is just blog posts from around the internet that feature organisers or information that I believe will be of interest to organiser users in general. 

Yes I've had to bend the rules a bit in the last few months to make the lists a reasonable length otherwise there will hardly be much in them each week. 

Finding new blogs isn't easy these days, especially as Google don't have a 'Blog' category any more. 

When I find a new blog I add it in to my monitoring system which flags up when there are new posts. Even if the blog features only the occasional organiser or planning blog post I continue to monitor it. 

Quite a few people have dropped out of the blogging scene in the last couple of years, it is very time consuming to keep a good blog ticking over with new and fresh content each day/week/month. I think I'm fairly well qualified to be a judge of that!!  

The dormant blogs either go quiet or disappear completely. I remove the ones from the system that get shut down. 

Question 2, are there any blogs out there that you know about, that we miss out of Philofaxy Web Finds that you believe should be included? 

Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below. 

Thank you.

Note: The same issues also apply to the videos shared on Travellers Notebook Times as well! 

19 September 2017

Web Finds - 19 September 2017

So I hope you have had a good weekend.

So now it is time to enjoy a great collection of blog posts and videos from around the internet.

Meanwhile here are a selection of the latest Filofax videos for your enjoyment.
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  4. Plan With Me // 18th - 24th September 2017 - Gemma Rose Crafts
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  • For tips on how to improve your videos, please see this post.  Also this video too Webfinds 
  • Your Filofax/Organiser Videos could appear in this list, just contact philofaxy at gmail dot com to be added to our monitoring list. 

Free For All Tuesday - No. 346

So what questions or discussion points have you got for us today?

It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or a more experienced user of organisers, we want to hear your thoughts, questions, opinions etc.

Make today the one day you post a comment or a question.

It is Tuesday after all so fire away.
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