19 April 2017

Tell us about...... 4

So I'm sure quite a few of us buy and sell organisers with view to keeping the size of our organiser collection under control... I've not learnt how to do this yet!

However, I'm sure there must be some of you out there that have sold organisers and then later regretted it. May be not straight away but a few weeks later you wished you had never sold a particular one. Sound familiar?

What was the one organiser you regretted selling and you wished you could get it back again?

Please tell us in the comments below.


  1. My first VdS senior. Preloved 20mm unwidened senior with smooth black Touch Me leather exterior, old pink interior and silver Krause rings. Just the basic layout. I regretted it the second I mailed it.

  2. Hi, mine was a Personal size green Epping Filofax purchased in 1998. Makes no sense to regret it since I don't currently use Personal size, but it was so simply elegant and who knew Filofax would stop making such quality products. I suppose I could have hoarded it along with my A5 Sandhurst :)

    Heather at vanilla folders

  3. I swapped both my Balmorals 10CLFJ 5/4 and then I realized they was quite rare and precious for my vintage collection.

  4. My first try using A5 - Aston in Cobalt that I purchase on eBay, with nothing in it. It was gorgeous - squishy leather and a very functional interior layout.

    I made the mistake of trying out A5 just at the very time that FFUSA was moving warehouses and had no stock of A5 inserts available. I was very new to the Filofax brand after years of US ring brands, and struggled with getting the Ray/Steve inserts setup to my needs.

    So I sold it, and I've regretted it many times since.


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