17 October 2016

Filofax 1992

Once again we go back in time to revisit a Filofax catalogue from 1992. I'm very grateful to Pauline for sending me this catalogue as it helps complete yet another part of the big jigsaw of the history of past models and how the company changed shape over the years.

The content of this post is the intellectual property of Filofax Group Ltd. The scans are reproduced here with the full permission of Filofax Group Ltd for educational and research purposes only.

As this is a picture heavy post, there is a break after the first image, please click 'read more' to see the whole post.

The price list is a fold out sheet, I had to scan each side in two sections.

The old fashioned way of doing Mail Order.

As with other catalogues a higher resolution version is available on Flickr.


  1. I wish we have the choices of all of the inserts today!

  2. Thanks a lot Steve for yet another enlightening and nostalgic moment. My wish was that the Filofax corporation would still exist that focused on customer needs and not (like the modern brand) only on the profit margin.

  3. Was the Professional organizer the birth of the A5 size organizers??

    1. Yes I think it was Laurie. It says 'New' on the entry.

      Kevin Hall's potted history mentions the launch in 1992:

    2. No! No! "The Professional" introduced in 1992 was what we know as Deskfax (9 holes - larger than A5). It was rebranded "Deskfax Professional" a year later. The A5 size was launched at the end of 1992 as "The Systems Organiser" - primarily to compete with Time Manager and Time Systems. After the "Professional" branding ceased to be associated with Deskfax it was then used with the A5 size from 2003 to promote Filofax Time Management "The Professional System". Click here for my post on this

    3. Thank you Tim for shedding another top-notch light on the organiser history. That's the information I come back to again and again whilst I'm bored from the hype of organiser decoration.

  4. Thanks to Pauline, Steve and Filofax again for another look at this catalogue. I remember this one, it was a short while afterwards that I gradually dropped away from organiser planning for (too) many years.


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