11 October 2016

Free For All Tuesday - No. 297


  1. Has anyone experienced what happened to me this year? In July I had ordered the same inserts that had worked nicely for me in the current year for my set-up of 2017. In August I had received these Filofax und Exatime17 inserts for my compact organiser, but by the start of October, my needs changed to an A5 bound planner with monthly overview and vertical week view von Mark's Tokyo Edge. That unforeseen change was a bit of a shock to my planning system in which my FF Compact now is only the satellite calender on the go, which means I have to synch my A5 scheduler with my compact on the go.

    1. I am using my original weekly insert for my Franklin pocket binder for the rest of the month but I will then rely on a cover without rings. I will draw my layout on the pages of a bound notebook for 2017 and the last two months of this year at the end. I can remove those 2016 pages with a perforator. My binder will be a directory on a desk.

      Since I use my weekly insert for certain but not all information I can write notes on the insert instead of other sheets. I buy items from small lists of certain days. It is more efficient for reconciling expenses and errors. I do not prefer the rings or weight of a binder for portability.

    2. Hi Be,
      Yes, portability is important on the go. That's why I do keep my main time planner (A5) and Bullet Journal (near A5) at home. Funny enough, these two are ring-less, whilst my on the go planner is a Filofax Compact in which I now do only carry the M2P for the entire year plus around 3 months of W2P (horizontal week on page one plus notes on the second page..) - before, I had Monthly, weekly + daily pages in there, but since my time planning now happens on A5 with proper time slot view, I removed the daily pages and put them into my Filofax Kensington personal size for in detail meal planning (listing of ingredients etc.).

      However, since there are also very busy days on the go, I was today contemplating about getting a "busyBee" undated notebook in A6, that I am going to carry with my FF Compact only on these busy-out-days, so I have all needed information of this planned unusual day at hand on the go but am not in the need for it when the usual day happens, where most details are known by heart.

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  3. The detail of my planning needs change throughout my year regularly. I work at a university and during term time I would have to break down every hour of my day between teaching, meetings, research seminars, consultation hours etc, but during off term there is conference season and I mainly need it to plan for travel and to break down resaearhc projects and teaching preparations in more managable chunks, yet without an hourly breakdown. I only have a year at a glance and some notepaper and contacts "on the go", so that I don't miss anything if a meeting is arranged when I am not with my full equipment - but as soon as I am back at home or my office, I will synchronise it. My desk planer then is a day on a page - and during term I use it for detailed scheduling, whereas in the other months I use the space that I don't need for that for quick research notes, budgeting calculations etc.... everything that only has to last for a few days.


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